Red Mountain Theatre Company is excited to produce a new musical, Band Geeks.  As part of our  vision of transforming lives through theatre, this is an educational opportunity for high school student actors to work hand in hand with professional actors.  With a tuition of $400, this experience will include master classes during the first hour of rehearsal to facilitate learning about acting, stage management, makeup, resumes and headshots.   Come be a part of our professional series this season!

We are seeking high school students and professional actors that can believably portray high school students - the ages of the roles are listed below.  The roles of Ms Dixon and Mr Hornsby will be adult actors.


Auditions will be held on Monday, October 27th at the
Red Mountain Theatre Cabaret 
 301 19th Street North, Birmingham, AL  35203
Sign in will begin at 5:30pm with auditions starting at 6pm. 


Callbacks will be on Wednesday, October 29th at 6pm
 Please email Carrie at if you are interested in auditioning.
In the tradition of Glee and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee comes Band Geeks - a celebration of the tribulations of the millions who have spent football halftimes pounding out Sousa-like renditions of "Maria." Whether you were in the band, on the team, or in the stands, you'll recognize the woes and revel in the fun of Band Geeks.

With just nine members and dwindling funds, the Cuyahoga High Marching Beavers are close to extinction. When a troubled athlete is relegated to their ranks, Elliott, the tuba-playing band captain and Laura, his best friend, must find a way to unite the band, embrace their inner geek, and save the Marching Beavers.
Character Breakdown 
ELLIOTT   ( Male, 17 years old     Range D3-A4)
The Beaver Band Captain who pushes too hard for the attention his parents lavish on his weatherman brother, he is eager to prove his competency to his peers & superiors.  Awkward around the opposite sex and slightly overweight, but appealing; plays the Tuba
JAKE  (Male, 17 years old        Range C3-Ab4)
 An African-American, he is protecting a scarred interior life. After a violent incident at his previous school, the former star football player is forced to transfer to Belleview and join the marching band; plays the drums
LAURA  (Female, 17 years old      Range F3-E5)
Though kind hearted and talented, she feels overlooked and longs to stand out from the crowd. Smart and patient; plays the flute 
SPITZ   (15-18 years old     Range Bb2-G4)
A show-off with urban flair, his bravado outweighs his talents; very pleased with himself. His kind heart is his redemptive quality; plays the trumpet
NATALIA  (Female 15-18 years old    Range A3-D5)
Eastern European exchange student, she is wise and wry beyond her years; plays the trumpet
STEWART  (Male 14-17 years old      Range G3-G4)
He is Ms. Dixon's asthmatic son and the youngest member of the band. Desperately trying to escape the long shadow of his mother; plays the clarinet
NICOLE  (Female 15-18 years old     Range Bb3-F5)
A perky optimist, she is an avid planner and part-time exhibitionist. Keenly aware of her beauty, yet occasionally oblivious to its effect on others; Twirler girl
Alvin (Male AGE 14-17 years old       Range D3-A4)
Bright and sassy – always read with a quip; plays the sax
Molly (Female AGE14-17 years old             Range A3-D5)
Hides behind her nihilism and goth façade; plays the clarinet
Kyle (Male  AGE14-17 years old         Range D3-G4)
Goth/Emo gamer boy – head buried in electronics; plays the sax
DRUMLINE (Ensemble, male or female, Age 15-18 years old)
affectionately called  ‘The Drumline’ but can’t actually play the drums

COLOR GUARD (Ensemble, female, Age 15-18 years old)
Perhaps the worst color guard girls ever

MR. HORNSBY (Male 30-40 years old    Range C3 – G4)
The adored band teacher, dedicated and passionate, but has bigger dreams than reality will allow; committed to his students.            
MS. DIXON  (Female  35-45 years old      Range Eb3-E5)
The principal of Belleview High; recently divorced and a neurotic helicopter mom; her commitment to serve the children tends to mangle her common sense; highly caffeinated and in need of adult companionship. 

Please note, actors are not required to play instruments.