Dress Circle Society Members

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President’s Circle
Judy and Hal Abroms
The Bunting Family
Alison and Jim Gorrie
Kathryn and Raymond Harbert
Susan and Dowd Ritter
Nancy Watson

Producer’s Circle
Carlo & Dianne Joseph
Dianne Mooney

Director’s Circle
Gail and Jeffrey Bayer
Louise H. and John G. Beard
Maggie and Will Brooke
Chris Daniel
Denise & William Dow
The Drummond Family
Betsy Faucette
Ellie & Jordan Fisher*
Rebecca O. Haines
Sheryl and Jon Kimerling
Patty McDonald
Ginger and Lane Milam
Jean & John Oliver
Karen & Joel Piassick
Susan and David Silverstein
Dora & Sanjay Singh
Shannon Smith
Sara & Logan Taylor
Cheryl and Sam Upchurch

Founder’s Circle
Tracey and Rich Bielen
Nan Broughton
Steve Callaway and Keith Pennington
Lisa and Rad Gaines
Phyllis and David Hall
Robert Hill and Stephen Dickerson
Ken Jackson
Janet & Paul Kavinoky
David Reese
Bee and Ed Robinson
Jason Rose
John and Deborah Sellers
Sharon and Bob Suellentrop
Susan and Hugh Thomas
Phyllis and Larry Wojciechowski

Proscenium Circle
Roberta and Jim Atkinson
Candy and Stephen Berman
Connie and Cecil Bostany
Lajuana & Tony Bradford
Barbara Brewster
Inez Calhoun
Wanda Elkourie
Kari Gellinwater
Todd and Kris Glassford
Glenn Goedecke
Nancy Goedecke
Teri and Geoff Hamilton
Joyce, Scott, & Eleanor Haven
Amy and John Johnstone
Corey & Scott Kappler
Drs. Rupa and Dave Kitchens
Mary and Chris Kramer
Lynn & Benny LaRussa
Cele and Allen Montgomery
Gary Northrup & Dennis Syracuse
Kam and Joe Patton
Elizabeth and Andrew Pharo
Dr. And Mrs. Randall Richardson
Jim and Eva Robertson
Leigh Robinson
Dr. Steven Rowe and Anne Marie Seibel
Keelie and Scott Segars
Dorinda Smith
Tom and Mary Ann Somers
Janice and Selwyn Vickers
Nancy Walburn
Brunson White and Dell Witcher
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Yeager

Ensemble Circle
Harry H. Bayer
Janet and Cary Beck
Gary E. Bishop
Drs. Tamilane and Francois Blaudeau
Angie Blaudeau and Gustavo DuBois
Michele & Richard Busby
Paula & David Callaghan
Nanci and Steve Chazen
A. Michelle Clemon
Lisa and Gordon Connor
Betsy and Joe Cooper
Janis C. Cordell
Keith Cromwell
Michael Ferguson
Stacia and Matt Gaines
Maura & Will Goodwyn
Francis & Miller Gorrie*
Monica & Jeff Graveline
Matt & April Harry
Hilary & Stephen Hill
Rosa Hooper
Jennifer and Kevin Jaquess
Mrs. Angela Davis Jarrett
Darryl and Alesia Jones
Sara and Kyle Kinney
Dr. and Mrs. Wade Lamberth
Steve and Miyuki Marriott
Katie Bee and Seton Marshall
Maggie McDonald
Samuetta Nesbitt
Jennifer and John Pickering
Karol and Ted Poczatek
Jim and Suzy Purvis
Susan and Lee Reeves
Karen and Alan Register
Robert Raiford and Zane Rhoades
Francis and Margaret Rushton
Ken and Fonda Shaia
Sharon and J.L Shaia
Dr. Chandler and Jane Paris Smith
Stan and Susan Stabler
Dr. Timothy and Carol Stettheimer
Dr. Steven Thomas and Valerie Collins Thomas
Douglas C. Tilt, M.D.
Karen & Tommy Tynes
Karyn and Brent Uptain
Rachael and Catherine Gail Upton
Shellie and Darrell Vines
Cary Tyner Wahlheim
Linda & Foster Ware

Footlights Circle
Shanne Adams
Beth and Charles Allen
Lynn and Harriette Brandon
Martha Johnston
Jane Killian
Ricki and Dr. Lanning Kline
Susan Markem
Betty and John McMahon
Ashley and Curt Peinhardt
Dr. David and Daniella Pigott
Patricia and Richard Sprague
Eva Wilensky
Teresa and John Yow

Star Quality Circle
Kelly Allison & Marci Turner
John Bierbusse
Tara and Jim Bryant
Carol W. Butler
Lynn & Mike Crosson
Jeff DeGarmo
Jessica and Kevin Garrison
Troy and Ann Haas
Dawn & Jay Higgenbotham
Martha and Chervis Isom
Margaret & Wesley Lee
Diane and John North
Anne & David Pierce
Shea Richardson Pitts
Connie and Marshall Urist
Leslyn Davie Weathers
Nicholas White

Action Circle
L. Ajluni
Susan Andrews*
Kathryn and Richard Blackwell
Karlyn Barker
Chris Campanotta
Christa McCrorie and Carl Cathey
Lindsey and Lewis Chitwood
Kathy and Cary Cowart
Ronald Cromwell
Karen Crowe
Fred K. and Denise I. Cypress
Ronald Davidson
Susie Denson
Lindsay and David Diaz
Scott Wells Ford
Stan and Sherrie Forehand
Linda & Doug Friedman
Joseph Gonenc
Linda Griggs
Terry Hall
Peggy and Roy Harrell
Keith Harrison and Mike Dorris
Jenny and Dave Hester
Susan and Barry Koretzky
Beverley and Larry Krannich
Stephanie and Matthew Lepore
Haley & Luke Montgomery
Pierce Pat
Bob and Pam Patterson
Tara & Mark Robertson
Dr. Norma Starr and Mitchell Schneidkraut
John and Edwina Taylor
George and Jenny Thagard
Laura Lee Vann
Michael and Kate Walker
Sue and Bill White
Lowell and Gloria Womack

Lights Circle
John Ambrose and Jeff Davis - RE/MAX Southern Homes
Daphne Arnold
Gail Barber
Diane and Marvin Broome
Sandy W. Brown
Shirley and Bob Brown
Scottie Caldwell
Tracey and Dennis Cameron
Mary Ellen & Bill Capps
Starla and Mark Castle
Martha Chitwood
Joyce Coady
Jim and Judy Cook
Elizabeth Cornelius
Kathryn DeCola and Marie Krchak
Henry Delagarza
Margaret DeMarrais
Mary and Chuck Dunham
Martha Echols
Greg & Julie Foster
Kenny C. Gannon
Lyn Grant
Betsy and Bill Gresham
Rosalind & Dwight Griffin
Tim and Cindy Harper
Ann & James Hayes
Alicia Haynes
Dottie and Thomas Hoover
Stephanie and Steve Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. William Hurd
Sharon and Charles Hutchens
Lynne Hutton
Jim and Diane Jenkins
Kenneth Jones
Judith King
Julie Koch
James Krell
Frances and Wade Lamberth*
Edward and Ruth Lamonte
Barton Lee
Mary Lou and Milton McKissock
Erin and Tommy McLeod III
Candy and Ed Meyerson
Karen Mitchell
Doris & Eddie Nabors
Susan and Alex Nading
Karen & Jimmy Ogle
Marjorie Perlman
Randy and Janet Perry
Tonte Peters
The Pollard Family
Patricia Powell
Lynn and Arie Raviv
Richard and Kristy Riley
Sherri & David Romanoff
Mary and Mike Rooney
Judy and Jimmy Rotenstreich
Marilynn and Earl Rothstein
Lana and Stephen Royal
Debra Rust
Elizabeth Rowan Saunders
Lane S. Schmitt
Joyce & Maury Shevin
Linda Lucas & Dick Stanford
Scotty and Stacey Stocks
Terri Sullivan
Carrie and Jared Thomas
George Thompson
Stephen Todd and Ben Henry
Sandra Turk
Linda Verin
Terri and Scott Vickers
Linda Waldrup
Clark Watson
Holley Wesley
Kathleen Wheaton
Harriet and Jim Williams
Sandra Wilson
Nancy and John Woods

Friends Circle
Ruth Ann and Arthur Abbs
Jim Anderson
Kathleen Atchinson
Michael Barnett
Mindy & Dick Bodenhamer
Baxter Bowen
Bob Boylan
Janet and Scott Brock
Ginny & Bill Bugg
Celeste Burnum*
Patricia & Brian Carnahan
Jill Carter
Joyce Cattelane
Laura Chappell
Lynne and Walter Cooper
Robert Cooper
Robert Barnes and James Craft
Russell Cunningham
Robert & Jamie Dabal
Diana and Hugh Davis
Judee and Scott Evans
Chris Fisher and Jonathan Markwood
Drew & Hannah Francis
LaDonna and Randy Gibbs
Chris Green
Diane and Trip Griswold
Judith Hand
Rona Harper
Ruby and William Heard
Jan and Bob Henger
Jenny Horton
Hettie and Bill Johnson
Maria and Drew Kennedy
Sandy and Wayne Killion
Nancy and John Kimberly
Betty Law
Ken Lloyd
Angela Lockhart
Debbie Long
Della Lynam
Patricia Lyons
Irene MacDonald
Walter Maddox
Kathy G. Mezrano
Burdette Payne
Lisa and Michael Perez
Denise Perkins
Brad Rankin
Amy and Michael Saag
Marianne and Werner Seibel
Jo & Dave Self
Bruce & Carleton Sokol
Yolanda Sullivan
Cathy J. Wheeler and David A. Tate
Charles Tucker and Ron Garza
Jonnie and Rich Venglik
Carolyn Waguespack
Marion Walker
Liz and Tom Warren
Mary Watkins
Debbie & George West
Kathleen Wheaton
Patricia Whitt
Tim Wilkerson
Jame & Brian Wilkinson
Julie L. Woodruff
Diane and Michael Yapko
Gary Young

In Memory of Marshall & Anne Adams- Shanne Adams
In Memory of Chuck Catlett - Judith King
In Memory of Sallye Beasley Davie - Leslyn Davie Weathers
In Memory of June Jaynes Garza - Henry Delagarza
In Memory of Mike McLeod - Karlyn Barker
In Memory of Bill Mooney – Altec/Styslinger Foundation, Gail Barber, John Bierbusse, Barbara Brewster, Sandy W. Brown, Ginny & Bill Bugg, The Bunting Family, Mary Ellen & Bill Capps, Patricia & Brian Carnahan, Jill Carter, Lynn & Bill Carter, Beth & Jeff Chandler, Nanci & Steve Chazen, Elizabeth Davis, Margaret DeMarrais, Gregg DeMone, Betsy Faucette, Linda & Doug Friedman, Elvi Frisbee, Stacia & Matt Gaines, Joseph Gonenc, Rosalind & Dwight Griffin, Diane & Trip Griswold, Nancy & John Kimberly, Mary & David Kimerling, Don Logan, Emily & Travis McGowin, Jean & John Oliver, Pierce Pat, Mary & Mike Rooney, Lane Schmitt, Bruce & Carleton Sokol, George Thompson, Judith Thompson, The Thompson Tractor Company Foundation, Susan Thorne, Ellen Tupman, Linda Verin, Patricia Whitt, Terry Woody, Diane & Michael Yapko
In Memory of Jeff Peacock- Barton Lee
In Memory of Bozena Poczatek and Juan Carlos Cruz - Karol and Ted Poczatek
In Memory of Patty McDonald - The Bunting Family, Torrey & Armand Dekeyser, Carol Medders
In Memory of Emilia Zoe Turk - Sandra Turk
In Memory of Dr. John A. Smith- Anonymous, Amy & John Johnstone, Gene Siegal, University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, UAB Department of Pathology
In Memory of Alan Watson - Clark Watson, Nancy Watson
In Memory of Edie Wilensky - Eva Wilensky

In Honor of Amaranth hostesses - Martha Chitwood
In Honor of Martha Elizabeth Allen (MEA)
- Lynn and Harriette Brandon
In Honor of Steve Callaway & Keith Pennington - Haley & Luke Montgomery
In Honor of John Dorsett- Dottie & Thomas Hoover
In Honor of Betsy Faucette - Anonymous
In Honor of the Gorrie Grandchildren - Frances & Miller Gorrie
In Honor of Deb Layman- Betty Steinmetz
In Honor of Marjorie Perlman- Maury and Joyce Shevin
In Honor of Dr. Pia Sen & The Notinee Dance Company - Dora & Sanjay Singh
In Honor of Anthony Smith - Anne & David Pierce
In Honor of John Smith from The Alpha Study Group - Kari Gillenwater
In Honor of Nicholas W. White - Brunson White and Dell Witcher
On Behalf of Emi Peters - Tonte Peters

*Has given to the James Hatcher Founders Fund, RMT’s scholarship and financial aid program

(As of 4/28/2022)


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