For more than 40 years, Red Mountain Theatre has served the greater Birmingham area, bringing arts education to youth and youth to the stage.

Red Mountain Theatre offers a broad scope of theatre-based educational opportunities for youth. Whether students are drama novices or on their way to the professional stage, RMT offers experiences to fit their needs.
RMT’s inclusion of all age groups—young and old alike—creates a collaborative spirit from our youngest sprouts to the actors of Red Mountain Theatre's Seasoned Performers.
Through theatre, students sharpen their ability to create and to collaborate, gaining confidence along the way.
These skills serve students throughout their lifetimes—on the stage and beyond.
Young Artist Productions

Education through experience on the stage. Current auditions: Annie Jr. and Into the Woods Jr.

Broadway Bootcamp

Singing, dancing, and acting instruction taught by theatre professionals for ages 9-18.

The Conservatory

A pre-professional training experience concentrating on acting, music and dance.


Are you ready for your college auditions?


Countless studies have shown art education improves children's development and academic success. It's not just about teaching them to sing or dance. It's about teaching them teamwork, time management, focus, discipline, confidence, and so much more.

We are dedicated to providing safe spaces for students to learn and grow through the arts:

By exploring stories, students begin to shape their views and voices in the community.

By working with their peers toward an end goal, students learn the value of cooperation.

By participating in performative experiences, students gain self-esteem and the courage of self-expression.


To provide the most comprehensive educational programming, we serve youth (ages 5-18) on a broad spectrum. That spectrum explores two facets of theatre.

First, our programs focus on process-oriented drama. Through exercises like character development, improvisation and role-playing, we actively engage our students. We create an environment where students take ownership of their learning experience, becoming leaders and gaining invaluable like skills—to listen, to enunciate, and to make eye contact. Through this process, students strengthen focus, critical thinking, and self-expression.

Second, our programs explore performance-oriented theatre. We encourage “education through experience,” where students are actively engaged in staged productions. Our students hone their performative talents while participating in culminating experiences—to create theatre for kids, by kids. Through this process, students develop in creative expression, collaborative skills, and self-confidence.

Our Educators

RMT’s educators are Teaching Artists—highly skilled instructors who have both practical theatre experience and teaching experience. It is RMT’s intent that young people have a safe environment in which to learn and grow; therefore, we employ professionals who meet all of RMT’s safety and learning standards.


Meet our Teaching Artists

Skill-Building Classes


Skill-building classes are non-auditioned, weekly programs, held 4-6 weeks during after-school hours. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, and created for students who have an interest in drama.



Camps are full- and half-day intensive programs held during spring, summer, and winter breaks.

Young Artist Productions


Performance opportunities are available throughout the year for young artists interested in being on stage.

Youth Ensembles


The Youth Ensembles are a yearlong opportunity for talented young artists to hone their craft with extensive training and performance experiences.

Outreach Residencies


Outreach residencies integrate arts education into community environments for youth development.