The Conservatory

The COnservatory

The Conservatory at Red Mountain Theatre is a pre-professional training experience for musical theatre artists, aged 13-18. This is a rigorous, time-intensive program that will hone skills through deliberate and thorough instruction. Students of this program can expect to leave an able and ready asset to the professional musical theatre industry, equipped to pursue artistic careers.

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  • Comprehensive training to be a strong competitor in the musical theatre market
  • World-class faculty with over 50 years of combined production and education experience
  • Classes conducted in a state-of-the-art professional theatre campus
  • Access to the Red Mountain Theatre network of experienced professionals
    • Accomplished directors and choreographers, casting directors and agents, university professors and more


The Conservatory curriculum will isolate the disciplines of acting, music, and dance—and hone these skills individually through methodical study. By breaking them down separately, students are able to focus their energies on each prior to integrating them in the full musical theatre form.

A rotation of courses will occur Monday through Thursday to fully explore the individual crafts of music, dance, and acting. Fridays will consist of a Practicum component to combine these skills in the rehearsal room. Seminars throughout the semester, taught by distinguished guest artists, will offer tangential learning, in the hopes of offering a wide range of technical performance knowledge.

Detailed Course Overview 

Sample Schedule

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2022-2023 Academic Year Overview – Significant Dates


Fall Semester (2022)

August 15: Start of Term

September 5: Labor Day (no classes)

November 11: Veterans Day (no classes)

November 21 – 25: Thanksgiving Break (no classes)

November 26 – December 1: Holiday Spectacular Tech

December 2 - 18: Holiday Spectacular Performances (Wednesday – Sunday)

December 16: End of Semester Classes

December 18: Holiday Spectacular Closing Performance/End of Fall Semester


Spring Semester (2023)

January 9: Start of Term

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (no classes)

March 27 – March 31: Spring Break (no classes)

May 12: Conservatory Showcase

May 19: End of Term


* When requested, Red Mountain Theatre will comply with school district requirements to offer courses for credit (Physical Education/Career Preparedness/Arts Education), however, participating families are responsible for seeking approval from their schools on an individual basis.


For 22-23 Audition Dates, please see below.



Holiday Spectacular: Students of The Conservatory will perform alongside professional artists and the Youth Ensembles as part of this annual tradition. This is a Mainstage season production with the support of the Red Mountain Theatre production and design staff.

Conservatory Showcase: An end-of-term Conservatory Showcase will be held in the Discovery Theatre each May. This will be an opportunity for students to demonstrate their training progress to friends and family. It is a cumulative, process-driven performance that focuses on craft above all else.


Anastas Varinos


Anthony Smith


Bria Tyner


Roy Lightner

Musical Theatre



The Conservatory is an audition-based program. Participants will undergo a screening process that adjudicates the following criteria:

  • Their natural facility for the disciplines of acting, music, and dance
  • The depth of their desire to learn and grow
  • Their capacity for play and exploration


Audition Dates for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Saturday, May 7 (9 am - 1 pm)

Sunday, June 5 (6 pm - 9 pm)


* Admission offers will be made on a rolling basis.


Audition Requirements

  • 2 contrasting music cuts (16-32 bars. Please provide sheet music in the correct key.)
  • A one-minute contemporary monologue
  • A dance call

Tuition: $3,500 for the full year of training.

Payment Plans and Financial Aid available.

Alumni with RMT training.

The Conservatory offers Birmingham’s premier youth musical theatre education. Not only do many of our graduates go on to perform professionally, but they are also accomplished leaders in community and business.

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