Red Mountain Theatre Company dives headfirst into the new year with a production known worldwide as a masterpiece and “An American Folk Opera”. The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess, February 7-23 at the RMT Cabaret Theatre will create open eyes and generate conversations. Porgy and Bess weaves the tale about a relationship between a street beggar and an abused woman set in Depression-era South Carolina. Porgy and Bess was George Gershwin’s final work for the musical stage. Based on DuBose and Dorothy Heyward’s play Porgy, Porgy and Bess combines elements of jazz, classical, and American folk music.
Performer Charlie Bryant III anticipates his opportunity to take the RMT stage and eager to help tell the stories and hardships of the residents of Catfish Row. A performer of the stage since the age of 10, his passion and love for the arts are the perfect elements to add to this classic, special, and layered production. “The music symbolizes Americana and black culture. The magic of it being an All-American folk opera is what makes it stand out,” stated Bryant.
Although the story is several decades old, the themes and issues intertwined in the plot can be easily relatable to today’s society. Bryant reflected, “Today, we struggle with addiction and corrupt law. We live in a world where honesty, equality, and love sometimes feel like words on a piece of paper. If we could stop and listen to the people around us, we could change millions of lives with love, acceptance, and hope.”
Bryant prepares emotionally and physically for the performances, but has aspirations for Porgy and Bess to transcend from the page and the stage. He concluded, “I’m hoping when the audience experiences Porgy and Bess they look beyond the actors portraying a character, but they see us living into these characters. I hope they take away how there are people in their lives and around the world that struggle with these different issues.”
We invite you to enter a place of great storytelling, strong collaboration, and simple understanding.
The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess
February 7-23
RMT Cabaret Theatre
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