Tap Master Class with Evan Ruggiero

PEG LEG RHYTHM TAP with Evan Ruggiero.
Evan Ruggiero began tapping at the age of five. In college, he lost his right leg to osteosarcoma, and had to discover a new way to bring his favorite art form to life. Inspired by the tap dancer Peg Leg Bates, Evan began re-teaching himself to tap using a peg leg. In this class, students will step into their instructor’s world and use their right heel as if it was their peg leg. They will create complex rhythms and discover how their “peg” creates variations of steps they already know and love. There is something in this class for all levels, but an intermediate knowledge of tap is preferred. Following class, Evan will hold a time for Q and A. See some of Evan’s work at by clicking here.